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I'm DannyDanny the Developer!

I live in Braintree, Essex with my lovely girlfriend Lucy, and our amazing little boy Ethan.

I'm passionate about developing and I love to push the boundries of what is possible in the web world. I enjoy movies and gaming (although I don't get much time to play games anymore!).

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What is HTML?

In 1993 I started exploring how websites were made, and started learning how to make them. Being technically minded I found excitment in putting silly webpages up on our schools intranet.


In the wise words of Alice Cooper

School's out forever!, this is the year I finished my GCSE's and decided I would rather get straight into work than furthering my education.

I went to work in a car dealership - but very quickly decided I wanted my career to be in web development. I carried on working at the car dealership for 3 years.

While working there I decided in my spare time I would educate myself further in web technlogies. I done a few free jobs for colleages so I could learn and improve.

One of my colleages knew a full time we developer, who offered to teach me xHTML & CSS the proper way. I had lessons with him 3 times a week for a couple of years. His teaching has been invalueable to getting me where I am today.


Still loving the cars

I decided it was time to move on from Volkswagen, my passion was still in web development and by now I was doing private jobs for friends and family, as well as hanging around on webdev IRC channels helping with problems. I wasn't confident enough to make this my career yet.

I moved on to Quest Motor Group in Braintree, and originally I was a parts advisor. But I very quickly became the contact for anything computer related, including fixing computers, network issues, website issues. Because of this I requested a IT position - seeing as the company outsourced their IT it made sense for them to pay me to do it rather than a 3rd party, so I got the position of IT Manager (can you be a manager with only 1 employee in the department? - probably not, but that didn't stop me from getting the badge and office!

While being employed as the IT manager, I was responsible for installing and expanding the networks, including a radio link to our Maldon Branch who's internet communication actually run through our Braintree's connection. I also developed an web portal for all of our employees. This web portal had a login, which was actually linked to their unix based email account (as in, the user/pass was checked against their unix account credentials), this web portal allowed them to store their most used websites in a handy widget, with direct access to search the company website, or google, or search through content added by the employees into the portal - We also run a weeky quiz


It's time for a change

By now, I was confident in my web abilities - and I was developing plugins for the very popular torrent framework TBDev. If you know your torrents - you've probably downloaded them from a TBDev framework, and the chances are, you've seen/used a plugin that I developed.

I looked for web development vacancies and I found Skyblue Creations Ltd. I sent off my CV and they asked me in for an interview.

I got the position of front end developer. At this time Skyblue were outsourcing their server side development, but I expressed an interest very early on that I would be interested in taking over the server side development too. Before long this happened and I developed a Content Management System for Skyblue, over the years we have pushed the boundries of what you can do with both front and back end development.

Whether it's Creating a custom share button for Google+ before their API offered one or Creating cross browser nice file upload button I'm always looking for better ways to do something.



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